Friday, June 25, 2010

XLRI ranked No. 3 in Business World Survey

From Business World

Some excerpts:

... While the top three retain their positions (it’s Xavier Labour Relations Institute or XLRI at No. 3)...

 ... Classroom layouts are taken very seriously globally. So we asked them about the nature of their classroom layouts as well. XLRI (established in 1949) and IIM-C (established in 1961) were found to be the oldest B-schools that have an amphitheatre classroom layout....

(This story was published in Businessworld Issue Dated 28-06-2010) 

The overall scores can be downloaded here where XLRI stands 3rd.

XLRI also stands 3rd in the Ranking By Infrastructure scoring 145 out of a possible 150. (losing 5 points for a criteria called "Campus Area")

In the Ranking By Intellectual Capital, XLRI stands 4th with 201 out of a possible 250. IIMA at the top of this ranking scored 239. 

IMI, Delhi pipped XLRI to the 3rd position by 7 points. 5 more than XLRI for number of Indian Guest Faculty. 5 for papers presented by faculty at Indian seminars  although XLRI faculty scored 5 more for research papers in International Journals. IMI also scored 5 more for number of books published. On the rest of the parameters, they are either tied or scored less than XLRI.

Links are embedded in this post if you want to read the original articles and survey results.

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