Saturday, July 10, 2010

XLRI Alumni Meet - 17th July 2010 - Singapore


We have quite a quorum confirmed for 17th! We have 29 people confirmed and 7 maybes!! Really excited to see the excitement and enthusiasm!!

We need one help from you - Pls confirm that you can make it and weather your spouse/better half will accompany you to the event. We will be making booking and payments based on your confirmation. So pls confrim your participation . Especially if you were a "maybe" till now. 

You can send me a uni-cast email to update me. 

2 updates from the organizing team
a) Location - We are looking to confirm Ivory at Clarke Quay.  Its promising us a great dinner, lots to drink and a dance floor J
b) Costs - we are looking at about $50/person – including dinner and drinks.

So be ready to put on your partying shoes! See you all on 17th!

On behalf of organizing team (Ramesh, Manisha, Ajit)

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