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Joy of Giving Week (Sept 26 - Oct 2, 2010) - Invitation & Appeal

Dear friends
As you may be knowing, like last year, we at XLRI are partnering in the Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week (Sept 26-Oct 2, 2010).
Working together along with the Jamshedpur Schools, executives of local companies, Rotary Club, local NGOs, we have designed a number of initiatives to celebrate this Festival of Philanthropy. Some of those are given below (also available at & )
I am writing to appeal to you to participate in this initiative. I am specifically writing for your support for 3 key initiatives:
1. Vastra-Samman:
Like last year, we are collecting wearable clean clothes, which will be sorted and distributed to the needy through the help of NGOs and other organisations which work in deep interior villages of Jharkhand.
2. Ann Daan:
Given the drought in the Jharkhand villages, we are also collecting dry ration which can be distributed to the needy. We would invite your contribution in 1Kg/ 2Kg/ 5Kg packs of:
- "Usna" (Parmal) or "Arwa" Rice
- Daal
- Grams
- Chooda
- Sattoo
I am happy to share that Tata Steel Corporate Sustainability Services have kindly offered all their community centers to be the collection points. I am enclosing the list, where you can reach your contribution.
3. Leh Relief Fund:
We are also doing a fund-raising campaign for  who is working for Leh Disaster Relief. Pragya is an award-winning organisation which was founded by two XLRI Alumni - Garrgi Banerji (88PMIR) and Sunil Pillai (87PMIR) - and has been working in the Himalayan regions in the area of livelihood promotion, green energy and medicinal plants.
To support their work, we are organising an Inter-School Musical Festival in Tata Auditorium on October 2nd, 2010 (5pm-9pm).
We aim to raise funds through sale of passes (anything in the multiples of Rs 100/), and through corporate sponsorships.
We will be grateful for any help or lead
thanks and regards

Joy of Giving Week (Sept 26th – Oct 2nd, 2010)

Planned Initiatives/ Campaigns

·         Nukkad-Natak: These will be organized by XLRI students in public places from Sept 25th to raise awareness about the Jamshedpur JoyFest and various campaign.
·         Make Jamshedpur Plastic Free City campaign: Plan to raise awareness, and campaign with the help of local companies, schools and civil society organizations. Awareness to be created by video-clip contests, and encouraging the school children to take this as an issue for the Design for Change Contest (see later)
·         Design for Change Contest: Promote the contest among the schools –  which encourages the school children to identify an social issue of their concern, think about a solution, and then implement it. The contest  has already started and schools can participate in it from today till Oct 2nd.
·         School to School: S2S is GOONJ’s nationwide ongoing initiative which aims to channelise the underutilized material (pencil boxes, books, school bags, uniform, shoes, toys, etc.) from the cities to thousands of resource-starved schools in villages and slums, which lack basic infrastructure and facilities.
·         SHG Training: XLRI students in partnership with Kala Mandir will conduct a module on “basic accounting” which will be launched during this week, and will be an ongoing program for volunteerings.
·         Ann-Daan: Collection of rice, dal and moodi from schools, households, community organization, corporates, Rotary members, etc., and  will be distributed in the villages of Jharkhand through NGOs and other organization s which work in interior villages.
·         Health Camp: XLRI students with medical degrees, along with volunteer medical practitioners, will hold health camps to provide free medical check-ups, and distribute basic medicines in the rural and slum areas.
·         Vastra-Samman: Like last year, this will focus on collection and distribution of wearable clothing from the city and distribute them in the villages through the help of NGOs.
·         Career Counseling in basti/ under-privileged schools: XLRI students will visit the schools and provide a group career counseling session to the students.
·         Inter-School Musical JoyFest: This is being organized on 2nd October in Tata Auditorium as the concluding function. This event will raise funds through proceeds and sponsorships for Leh Relief.
In addition, SIGMA has also planned a daily calendar of activities (e.g., A Day with the  Elderly, XLRI Labour Day (“Serving those who serve us”), Tree-Plantation Driev, A Day with the Specially Enabled , etc.), which will involve the entire community of students, faculty and staff in acts of volunteerism and giving.

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