Friday, September 10, 2010

Prof Manish Singhal publishes - Spirituality at Work: A Study of Indian non-profit Organizations


Product Description

Spirituality at work (SAW) is being considered as a significant construct to deal with a number of issues resulting from increased dynamism in the business context and the resulting stresses and strains at organizational and individual level. The conceptual framework in this study linked individual SAW needs and organizational SAW supplies to emerge with a P-O fit model on Spirituality at work. The individual SAW needs, organizational SAW supplies and SAW P-O fit were related to outcomes of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment. FINDINGS: The distinction between religion and spirituality that forms the basis for defining SAW for scholars did not find support in this study. The 3-way conceptualization of SAW in terms of Integrity/Wholeness, Meaningful work, and Larger than oneself was supported. The influence on outcome variables grew progressively stronger in this order: individual SAW needs, P-O fit on SAW, and organizational SAW supplies. This study provides the first empirical proof of the interactive effects of individual and workplace spirituality on outcomes of interest to organizational scholars.

About the Author

An eclectic profile with qualifications in mechanical engineering, financial and general management, organizational behavior and sociology and YOGA as sadhana and therapy. Prof. Singhal has been teaching at XLRI, Jamshedpur since 2006. Primary interests are in areas of Spirituality and actualizing human potential in organizations.

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