Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What are you doing on May 19th weekend?

Hey there,

Alumni meets are happening all over the globe this summer, but XLBang is going a giant step further and lining up an entire weekend of activities and we would love to have you with us in Bangalore (still can't think of it as Bengaluru) that weekend.

There's golf being planned for the 18th of May (for those who play golf - not newbies or wannabes).  Contact George Olapally for more details - ollapally@gmail.com

The Big Bash is at ITC Gardenia on the 19th and another lunch is being planned for the 20th. More details will be updated soon.

Director Fr. Abraham, Prof Sarin, Prof. Madhukar Shukla, Prof. Ray from campus,  Fr. Casmir Raj, Roshan Dastur- who has been around for more than 40 years at XLRI and the one-and-only Bishuda from XLRI.will also be there!!

Last years band for the XLBang Bash was completely made up of XLers, we are hoping for something similar this year too and Jishnu from Swarathma is providing the music studio for practices. A fashion show
by xlers and their family members, drinking, dancing, eating, networking, catching up are all on the agenda. XLBang has always taken special care of kids of xlers and activities are always organised to keep them entertained and occupied too, so they don't bug you by asking "are we going home yet?"

This year we are specially inviting alumni from all over for this meet, not just those in Bangalore. For your convenience, accomodation has been blocked at Century Club (Rs 2,000 on b&b basis), XIME hostel on Hosur Road (free -for those who can't find friends to pile on to), sightseeing tours are also being organised.
Contact Venkatesh at narsipur.venkatesh@gmail.com for acco and Vijay for Intercity travel and sight-seeing communicate2vijay@yahoo.co.in

We already have some sponsors lined up, but more are always welcome. Contact Tito - John Idicula on john.idicula@gmail.com if you or your company would like to capitalise on this opportunity to reach out to such a large group of XLers and their families.

A large part of the money generated by the event finds its way to worthy causes. Last year 50,000Rs was donated to provide vocational training for children of farmers suicides in Vidharba (near Nagpur). So we "party with a purpose" too.

Take a look at our new dedicated website for more details - http://xlbang.in and pre-register for the event to get the benefit of a discount.

So what are you waiting for? There's barely a month left, the sooner you book your tickets the better. If you can convince your company to send you to Bangalore on an "official" visit, nothing like it, but you don't really need an excuse to join us, do you?

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