Thursday, May 31, 2012

XL CULTURE VULTURE - courtesy- Praveen Jagwani Class of ‘92

 You wake up feeling stoned, dead,
Barely manage to crawl out of bed
Brush you teeth with half closed eyes
And mutter friendly abuses to the other guys

You forget about shaving
And lose all interest in bathing
When under every shower there’s a Rafi singing And outside an Elvis impatiently waiting

The mess clock reads five to nine
You just can’t sit down and dine
There’s bread, butter, jam and tea
Or a boiled egg on the way to Room 3

Glide into a back row seat
Settle down and put up your feet
Questions answered, answers questioned
Love notes in wood are fashioned

Marketing, labour and finance
Leave no time for romance

And that’s how the day drags on…..
But at XL the DUSK is our DAWN
Life begins after dinner
For both the saint and the sinner

A guitar on the JLT
Or a late night at Kwality
Write a letter or receive a call
Or play TT in the Enright Hall

Others play bridge near the ‘serai’
Seeking salvation in a cup of chai
An OMAXI meeting near the TATA Audi
Gives pleasure to both soul and body

Some wind up in the library
For others it’s a place imaginary
They prefer the music room to rewind and unwind With Dylan, chess and a cushion behind

Under the glow of the TISCO slag
Puffing deeply on a borrowed fag
One contemplates about feminine charm
And compare the girl back at home with the one on the arm!

Praveen Jagwani
Class of ‘92

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