Thursday, May 31, 2012

XLRI holds first pan-South India Alumni Meet

From The Pioneer

The XLRI Bangalore Chapter organised the first pan-South India alumni meet of the B-school. The garden city played host to this meet with largest gathering of 475 XLers ever from various cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Baroda, Mumbai and of course Jamshedpur. 

Amongst the distinguished attendees at the alumni meet were Father E Abraham, an alumnus from the batch of ‘78, and current Director of XLRI, Prof Sharad Sarin, Endowment Fund Chair, Prof Pranabesh Ray, an alumnus from the batch of ‘77, and current Dean, Prof Madhukar Shukla, Prof MG Jomon, Alumni Chair.
The evening kicked off by David D’Costa of ‘76 batch, and president of the XLBang Chapter introducing Sundari Thyagarjan from the ‘55 batch - the first batch of XLRI- and possibly the first lady Management Graduate in India, who was felicitated by Dominic Thomas of ‘59 batch.

As the evening progressed, the batch mates and friends started to mingle with each other and browse the books that XL authors had sent from across the country for the event. Various fun events were also held where winners were awarded with gift hampers. For XLers with kids a lovely room was available for the little kids to play darts, have yummy food.

Father Abe presented to the alumni on the various new initiatives being taken at XLRI. Prof Sarin updated the alumni on the XLRI Endowment Fund.

Prof Madhukar Shukla was felicitated by the XLBang Chapter for his outstanding contribution to the XLRI alumni committee over the last 14 years.

After all these excitement it was time for the festivities, with the band of the evening striking up music to which XLers from across the batches took pleasure in and had a merry time singing, and dancing on XL hits like “XL ki Kudiyan” and “XL meri jaan” and also enjoying Indian and oriental foods.

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