Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oops the Mighty Gurgle - penned by Ramgopal Vallath (BMD 92)

From Duckbill

What’s it all about?

Whenever mankind is in trouble, a hero always emerges.

The groinks are slowly taking over planet after planet, and their next target is Earth. The Intergalactic Governance Council is tied up in disputes. All that stands between the human race and annihilation is 'Oops the Mighty Gurgle'. Aided by his two human assistants, Chuck and Kia (and Floppy the dog), Oops must travel across time, space and black holes and face innumerable dangers to save Earth from the ferocious green pig-like creatures who are grunting their way towards it. And along the way, they must deal with amorous emperor penguins, the Cerebums of Holibutt, whose brains are in their bottoms, and the mysterious creatures from the Dark Planets.

A laugh-out-loud funny romp through the universe as you never knew it.

Filed under: Fantasy, Monsters, aliens and other strange creatures, Adventure, Future worlds, Funny

228 Pages . Price Rs199
This paperback edition : Dec 2012
ISBN 978-93-81626-93-1

Watch the trailer, see the author speak and peep inside the book at Duckbill


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