Sunday, November 11, 2012

UK Based Indian Artist Arifa Khan (BMD 95) Launches Niddoo, a Social eCommerce Portal for Art Lovers

From yourstory is a pre-beta stage startup, started by Artist Arifa Khan. Niddoo is a social ecommerce portal where art-lovers can discover, buy, commission great art and art accessories from artists around the world. Arifa has successfully exhibited her paintings in London and received critical acclaim for her artistic endeavours.

Faced with the pressures of an artist to financially break even while creating prolific art, she set out to solve the problem for artists around the world by creating a market-place for artists and art-lovers. In a very early stage yet, Niddoo will try to enable artists to create a virtual gallery, communicate and forge relationships with buyers, and raise funds for art projects on the portal.

Arifa is raising funds for the same on Kickstarter- the crowd funding site launched in UK on 31st Oct 2012. “The Poetry of Being Woman” is among the first kickstarter projects launched in UK by The artist is raising funds on kickstarter by selling art accessories, and targets GBP20000 by November end. Funding is all or nothing.

The funds will be used to organise art exhibitions in Europe to aid in the development and marketing of  Arifa says, “Raising a successful round on kickstarter would not only provide proof of concept and early traction needed for a subsequent VC round, but also help build opt in lists of art-lovers who are voting with their wallets. A formidable marketing arsenal for a startup.” You can choose from a range of Christmas gifts starting from GBP8. Rewards include designer accessories like calendar of paintings for GBP8, themed T-shirt and featuring in an ipad app for GBP20, designer scarf for GBP40, prints from GBP80, real oil paintings, custom-made haute couture and custom-portraits of backers hand-painted by Arifa.

Check out the Kickstarter page for the project!

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