Monday, February 27, 2006

Favourite Jesu quotes

At the XLRI community on Orkut some acerbic Jesu quotes are being shared:

Jesu (to a hapless guy) : "You are not even a joker. You are a joker's sidekick. "

this one i heard from a super senior - " This is such a silly question that the biggest idiot of this class could answer it(pause)....ok J...... answer this"

one person escaped Jesu's acerbic remarks after the interview practice.
At the end of the session, jesu asks "any clarification".
The guy thinking that the reason he escaped acerbic remarks was his wonderful intervewing performance sopke up " Sir if it is apparent that interviewee doesnt seem to know something, should the interviewer push further to show him up or just let it be there"
Jesu at his best" you stupid and foolish joker, you do not know how to speak and you think you can show someone up, go see your face before you speak up".

" Give feedback to everyone and not those only who you love,like or belong to your region".

"This person praises you because of reasons other than what you have performed!!!"

"your mother went blind the day you were born, she will of course say that you look smart in this bullshit suit that you people wear and think that I am looking smart"

Gautam Ghosh

Shariq Siddiqui wrote:
Some gems from the 2001 batch

- (To S_____ who started describing his family background when asked "tell me something about yourself" in a mock interview) "Here, take five rupees. Please go buy some chana for your little sister. Nice sob story, but it won't get you a job".

- (After a 5 minute staring match, to A______ who was getting distracted by a frog that entered the class)
"You are despicable. You are beneath human consumption. If you don't like the idea of coming here to study, at least let that poor boy next to you pay some attention"

- (After dismissing the way "young people" are wasting their time "running around the trees") "Well, if it keeps you warm and happy, like it keeps rabbits happy, what can I say"

But the all time classic - at the seven course dinner at the end of the term, when Fr. J was insisting on teaching all the girls how to wield a fork and knife even if they clearly already knew (whilst ignoring all the guys who didn't)
F: Father, how do you eat mutter?
Fr. J: Eh?
F: Mutter
Fr. J: Mutton? The same way you eat anything else my boy!
F: No, no, father (pointing at the peas on his plate)
Fr J: Oh you fool, you mean PEAS!

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  1. Once more.. this was during the mock interview sessions..
    A chap (who was playing the role of the interview panel) was taking to the interviewee. While talking his hand was covering his mouth..

    Later during the evaluation, Jesu goes.. "You did an excellent thing by covering your mouth with your hand while speaking to the interviewee".. guy beams.. wow.. Jesu actually has something nice to say.. but then Jesu continues.. ".. but you could have done much better and just shut your mouth and not said anything"..




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