Sunday, February 26, 2006

XLE2006:Online Quiz - B(aware)

Hi ,

From this year XLNC is starting the XLRI Leadership Expedition, an annual event where students learn to face hardships through challenging adventures. The students also contribute towards a relevant social / enviromental issue. XLE2006 will go to Mount Everest Base Camp and is working with CARE India and Nepal to spread awareness about AIDS in Jamshedpur and Nepal ( till Everest Base Camp).

As part of the AIDS awareness campaign we present to you - B(aware), the online quiz on AIDS and a great opportunity to win some easy prize money.
The Online quiz will be launched on 28th February at 21.00 hrs on and will be open till 1st March 12.00 hrs(IST).

Through this quiz, we are trying to make people aware and interested about the AIDS menace. We are sending it to over 3000 people - B skools, Graduate and UG college students and working professionals across the world. We request you to please forward this mail to as many people as you can and help us in this noble cause.

Thank you and happy Quizzing !!!!

On behalf of the XLRI Leadership Expedition
Abhinav Anand
Second Year,
Business Management
Phone : 09835170644
Y! anandabhinav4you

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