Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Royal Challenge Friendship Meet Results & Credits

Fellow XLBangers,

We may have lost the Royal Challenge Friendship Meet but we made a
lot of new friends in the process, which is why it was called
"Friendship Meet" in the first place.

A big thanks each one of you who trekked over bad roads to make it
for the event. Also thanks to our sponsors who made this event a
- Royal Challenge (McDowell's - United Spirits)
- SAP India
- Kingfisher (UB)
- Mandovi Motors (Maruti)

IIM-C won in Football (5-6), Cricket (we made 85 in 15 and they
made that in 14.2 overs with 5 wickets in hand) and raising
sponsorships. Quiz & attendance was tied. Volley was cancelled
because of poor light.

Overall: IIM-C won.

While we brought in Bodhi Tree from various cities to have a
great musical event after the sports, IIM-C brought in their best
sportsmen from various cities to beat us at the task at hand. Talk
about focus!

Thanks to the guys who made the event happen:
- Satish Venkatachaliah and the whole XL team at SAP for the
continuous and unflinching support they give us
- Sanjay Anandaram from IIM-B and a very well renowned VC who
organized a really fun quiz
- David D'Costa for the inspiration and pushing the idea to light
- Titto (John Idicula) for lots off coordination and sponsorship
- Srichu (Sricharan Muralidhar) for single handedly manning the
bar all night! What a great job!
- Rajesh Ranjan, Arun D'Silva and Muthukumaran N S for
coordinating cricket, football and volleyball respectively
- Arun again for organizing the venue
- George Ollappally for the contacts, guidance, and help with PR
- Vikram Rao & Madura Garments for the great Louis Philippe
T-Shirts which went to all the players
- Swati, Muthukumaran's daughter, for handing the registration
- IIM-C guys for all the sponsorship, support, PR and
coordination they put in

We'll get them next time!



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