Monday, October 16, 2006

XL beats IIMA at IIMB Fest

XLRI wins TATA Boardroom Wars

The Team from XLRI won the prestigious TATA Boardroom Wars, held at Vista, the flagship festival of IIM-Bangalore. The runners up were the team from IIM- Ahmedabad.

The event, which was spread over a span of two days, 13th and 14th of October, was the first of it’s kind, where students occupied places on the Board of Directors of a multi-billion dollar automotive company, were given simulated business issues, and were expected to run the entire company on their own. The contest proposed to settle the age-old question of which B-school produces the best managers!

The team of 6 from XLRI, which included Tony Navin, K Sandeep, Mansi Bhatnagar, Dhruv Laroia, Daksh Pratap Singh and Maanvardhan Baid, were asked to handle every aspect of the company for a period of 5-6 years, in the setting of the highly competitive, evolved and intense European Market. It required them to analyze situations and take real-time decisions as the board of a company.

The first prize included a cash reward of Rs 1,00,000. The event incorporated situations covering problems in raw material sourcing, capacity planning, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and finance. The decisions the teams took demanded knowledge of pricing, production, R&D, expenditure, economics and finance. The final decision was made by a trial by fire: the elite panel of TATA managers, who ensured that only the best survived.

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