Saturday, October 14, 2006

XL loses 6 Students

In the Meanwhile at XL…

XL has lost 6 of its students… at least for this term. Two have gone to Malardalen University, Sweden, and four to AIM, Manila, on the student exchange program…. The gain has been the arrival of Niklas and Anna from Malardalen Univ, who will be at XL till December. Their observations:

Anna: After 14 days in India you really start to like this country and its people. Compared to Sweden, this country differs in many ways, but most of it is good. It’s a big challenge to attend these courses. There is a new language and a new way of teaching. I think that I will grow as a person towards success in life by being here. I am looking forward towards the following weeks at the campus and hope that I will get some new good friends… Thanks

Niklas: The way I have been welcomed here on campus I don’t know if any exchange students have experienced anywhere. I spoke to Anna about the issue and the conclusion was that not many exchange students would meet with this. We have been invited to dinners, we have been showed the surroundings and we have been to town. As I understood this was the first year there were exchange students on XLRI and of course you have to face some problems but I have to take this opportunity to thank all the persons who helped me, in the beginning of my stay.

It feels great to walk around on campus and everywhere there are people who say hello to you and stop and speak with you and ask questions about Sweden, yourself and your university. Thanks to that, after a week, I already feel like a part of all this and I’m looking forward to an autumn with lots of new friend and new knowledge… Thanks for all

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