Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anu Lal - PMIR 2000 in Economic Times

Anu Lal of PMIR 2000 talks about what ails Womens Entrepreneurship in India.

From The Economic Times

...The 29-year-old Anu Lall attributes her success to relationship skills, an asset her gender demonstrates with much more ease. Her nearly Rs 1-crore ERP firm Snartak IT Solutions was started two years back with a mere Rs 12,000. “I contacted people from my own MBA network and the various social networking websites like LinkdIn, from where I got business,” she claims, hinting at the still unexploited nature of social networking sites. With her range of contacts, today Lall has an office in New Zealand and another at Oslo, besides being headquartered in Delhi. “I have to work 15 hours a day traversing three time-zones, and that’s not easy,” she points out. ...

Read the entire article here.

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