Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New XLRI curriculum on the cards

From The Financial Express

Jamshedpur, Jun 23
XLRI is gearing up to introduce a new curriculum for its two flagship courses from the next academic year (2009).

The B-School faculty has already discussed the new curriculum, which has a more "hands on" element to it than the existing one. Prof Sharad Sarin, professor (marketing area) has been responsible for the changes suggested in the business management (BM) course.

Speaking to FE on Monday, XLRI director Father E Abraham said, "We have a faculty council meeting coming up next month where we may finalise the report."

The committee on curriculum revamping spent several months studying contemporary managerial needs, interacting with several B-Schools, understanding industry needs and has even entertained feedback from several of its alumni in trying to assess the gaps in its present course format.

In the process, while some electives have been updated, some new ones have been added to both the PM&IR and the BM courses.

Citing an example, prof Madhukar Shukla, who teaches OB & strategic management, said while 'personnel management' has been revised, a new elective on 'socio-political change' has been introduced.

XLRI feels understanding the political power shifts and the implications of developments like Companies in the Middle East buying properties in the US will help the students. According to Shukla, "There should be some kind of integration across the board, from concept to practice."

Citing an example again, he said a student will be taking up an elective subject, which integrates other subjects and has to be studied over three terms.

Though XLRI had originally desired to introduce the new curriculum strictly in the academic year beginning 2009, some subjects will be some more time to be introduced.

The B-School had last carried out a major curriculum review exercise in 2002.

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