Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vote for XL Students' Venture @ Tata-NEN Hottest Start-Ups

XL students' entry to "XLRI's Venture @ Tata-NEN Hottest Start-Up" (Parichay) happens to be 1 of the 3 Social Ventures which the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust is supporting (thanks to the contribution from the 81batch & Jamshedpur Chapter)... The 3 ventures are floated by the present batch students, who are looking at a different trajectory in life/career....and make a difference
Please vote for "Parichay" - a venture to provide market-linkages to rural/tribal artisans by logging in at:
(Parichay inaugurated their "Design & Learning Center" for the rural/tribal artisans yesterday, covered:

Your vote may help them getting the publicity - and mentoring/ funding!
I will come back to you in a week-10days (with a begging bowl;) for the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust (oh... we do need your contribution to support such inititiatives from our students! ;)... write to me (off-line) if you can individually help the kitty of the XL SET Trust
meanwhile, if you have time and enthu, pl help us to support the students who have chosen to walk on "The Road Less Travelled"

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