Sunday, October 19, 2008

XLRI invites social organisations & startups in placement

From The Economic Times

JAMSHEDPUR: XLRI School of Business and Human Resources here will invite Social Organisations and Startups to participate in the placement process titled "Initiative for Social and Entrepreneurial Leadership" (ISEL) from next year.

ISEL is being implemented jointly by XLRI's placement committee. "The Social Initiative Group for Managerial Assistance" (SIGMA)- a committee which works with the social sector- and CRESCENT (committee for research, strategy, consulting and entrepreneurship - a committee devoted to promoting entrepreneurship.

Appreciating the latest initiative by the students as a commendable one, the director of XLRI, E. Abraham said ISEL is a process that aims to give interested students the opportunity to apply their managerial skills in the social sector and in freshly started organisations.

The students were willing to opt for creation of jobs and wealth for the country rather than working for a company, he said while extending XLRI's support for the initiative.

Abraham expressed confidence that ISEL will give the students the opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful way as well as help them apply their classroom knowledge in the social context as well in an entrepreneurial venture.

ISEL is set to happen as a separate process one week before the regular placements with only students who are willing to sacrifice a more glamorous and better-paying internship in the corporate sector taking part in the process, he said.

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