Sunday, October 19, 2008

XLRI powers rural life

From The Telegraph

Jamshedpur, Oct. 17: After helping in cultivation, oxen will aid in generating electricity to light village households.

The Swavalamban project of students of XLRI tells this and much more.

The team of three — Abhilash Somen, Ankur Saboo and Anand Raghvendra — all business management students, has developed an animal powered prime mover (generator) where mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy will the help of oxen.

The students today invited eight NGOs of Jamshedpur to present the idea before them.

The concept of the project was born when the students visited some villages last year as part of their curriculum.

“When we visited the villages last year, we thought of doing something constructive. We began our research that time. The technical specification is not completed as yet. The project would benefit the villagers as it is low on cost compared to solar energy,” said Ankur.

The generator consists of a shaft, a bearing, a battery and CFL lamps. The shaft attached with the generator has to be rotated by an oxen to charge the battery connected to it, generating electricity.

A generator is connected to a battery of 44 lamps that can light up four houses. A single generator can also be connected to three generators or more. Electricity will be generated depending upon the power of the batteries.

The students have presented their project before Tata Motors and will be working in a village near Rakha Mines.

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