Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Latest Update on XL Dream Run

I am happy to update you on the XL Dream Run (Nov 16, '08) - http://www.xldreamrun.com - being organised to raise funds for the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust from the alumni.

As you know, on Nov 16th morning, 300 of our students and some faculty and staff have registered to run for the cause (you will find the list on the xldreamrun website.)

So far, alumni have contributed $5,670 + Rs 129,500 from across the globe (USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Switzerland, Bahrain, Egypt... and of course, India) - and from across the batches (58 to 2008).... and more are coming.

This event has also helped us "market" the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust among alumni, as now they are aware of the Trust and its activities.

Tata Sports Academy, Reebok, Pepsi and Amway-XL have been kind enough to commit their support to the event in "kind".

Contributions to the Cause can be made through:

1. Paypal account (Please visit http://www.xldreamrun.com) to link to Paypal account.

2. Bank-transfer or checks to:
XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust
SBI XLRI Branch Code: SBIN0004660
A/c No: 30274085172
[Pl send the transaction details to Madhukar, if making a bank transfer]


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