Saturday, November 29, 2008

XL Singapore - We can demonstrate the Spirit of Giving!

Dear Friends:

this is an appeal

to xlers and xl alumni

as xlers and xl alumni,

.... we have always had a special purpose in our lives.

... a purpose that goes beyond professional success – beyond money, beyond titles and designations.

we believed...

we believed from the word go! that we, as xlers are special...

... and different from the iims and other institutes

we believed in giving back....
we believed in giving back, through the many projects and assignments that with did with the local people while we were in jamshedpur.
we believed...

we believed that we are there to make a difference!
we believed in helping the underserved realize their dream.
today....... as we have gained fame, name, reputation and money

can we...

can we give back!

can we help in our own small little way,
can we help the people through our institute

... that has made us all what we are today.

it is small request!

Can we donate to the cause we believe in..

little droplets from each of us, will fill thousands of people with tears of joy

.. those little contributions

will evoke smiles in a thousand faces,

twinkles in the eyes of children,

satisfaction to old parents, who see their children achieve their dreams...

can we tell in our own small way

that we care

that we care for them

we care for their dreams!

donate generously! donate today!

Here’s an appeal

1. We are having an XL Nature Walk on December 13, 2008 in Botanical Gardens (7pm).

a. The idea is (1) To come together for a cause – The XL Social Entrepreneurship Trust

b. And (2) get together with friends and families

c. Would like to know the participation, please help reply to XL Singapore

d. More details on

2. We have revived our presence in a few more areas – to be more relevant with changing times.

a. On Facebook: “XLRI Singapore” on Facebook. It would be a good idea if you can join in there J

b. On Blogspot:

3. Videos: We have a few places some videos are posted on YouTube and MSN Video


b. ;



[Rajesh Soundararajan]

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