Saturday, November 22, 2008

XLRI Dream Run - Phase II

Inspired by the Dream Run on Campus, the alumni in Singapore are planning a mirror event on the 13th of December. Here are the details from Ramesh Ramakrishnan.

Ok done ...we are all set!!

looks like 13/12 after all is a lucky day.

So here are the details in a simple format:

What is the idea?
Run / Walk 5k in the Singapore Botanic Gardens on Dec 13 , 2008. Have some fun , Meet friends and pay $100 to assist the XL Social Entrepreneur Trust. Please bring the cash on the day.

When is it again?
Dec 13, 2008 - Saturday.

What time?
7 pm start. We will assemble at 6.30 pm. Please note and please plan ahead to be on time.

Where exactly?
Dec 13, Singapore Botanic Gardens. We will meet in the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
For those who are new the gardens are big - and this is in the quieter side (the bukit timah side). For those who are driving just drive along Bukit Timah ( going north/west) and park in the NUS SBG Law Faculty Campus street carparks. You can't miss it. The gardens are just there -

And the walk/run?
It is just across the garden from the Balls Childrens Garden up to the orchid garden, around the gazebo and back to the Jacob Ballas Garden. It is easy, scenic and a pleasant walk/run. If you are really keen 2 rounds will make a 5k.

After the run?
Yes, Yes Yes... there is beer and dinner. There are many choices and depending on the number of people we can decide that later.

Changing and freshening up?
Yes there are clean shower rooms in the facilities at the sports ground which is adjacent to the SBG. Don't worry.

To be on the safe side I am applying / getting the permission from the SBG assuming we will push our e- group and get to the number 30. Written Permissions are required only for 30+

... Please pass the word around and get more people to enroll...there are still many people who are here in Singapore and not getting the messages or are not in the e group.

Want to get non xlers and friends to come along - please do so.

Best Wishes,
ReVive Consulting Group

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