Monday, April 05, 2010

2010Batch Xler wins MTV Roadies 7.0


In a sudden turn of events, Anwar Syed, one of the 10 contestants evicted from M TV Roadies 7.0, will return on the show and will go on to win the coveted title. The two finalist Meghna Mrignani and Mohit Malik will be in for a rude shock when Syed will enter the show yet again and will go on to win the show. He was evicted from the show two weeks ago. In the finale episode, all the evicted Roadies 7.0 were back on the show. Anwar too re-entered at the last minute. Currently, the three contestants who are in the show are Meghna, Mohit and Gaurav Gill. But the final tussle will be between Meghna and Mohit and Anwar’s re-entry will be a shocker that will be introduced just as the show reaches its conclusion. Anwar has always been transparent in his behavior and has stood by his friends on the show. He has been loyal to his group and had never asked or begged for their support. He has always proved himself in all the tasks assigned to him.

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