Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring 2010 New York XLRI Alumni Meet - thanks

Good show folks!  

Madhavi and I really appreciate the help from all, and the nice gesture to join in at short notice on a Sunday evening to meet with the visiting Director Fr E Abraham and Dr Jittu Singh.  

I think this year we folks in the New York area have kick-started the 2010 mid-year series of XLRI Alumni meets that usually happens (globally?) over the summer term.   In all 28 XL-lers confirmed and 21 actually made it - 9 of them with spouse and/or family; and a total of 9 kids. There you have it - the real XL spirit :)   

To get an idea of the spontaneity with which folks responded just imagine this - people drove to Edison NJ some with kids, from Baltimore MD (160 miles, 258 kms), King of Prussia (Philadelphia) PA (70m,125 km),  Andover (Boston) MA (hats off to this road warrior who flew in a day earlier to be here missing family time), Voorhees NJ (70m,111km), New Rochelle NY(53m, 85km), and others from all over NJ - Hillsborough, Plainsboro, Toms River, Princeton, Woodbridge, New York City (Staten Island), Jersey City, Weehawken.. did I miss anyone?;)   
On Tuesday evening Chaitanya said 'he feels sad'.  When I asked him the reason he said "everyone has gone now!" :( Yes, the house feels deserted even though it was only a few hours that everyone came to the meet-greet-sip-eat, 

We have lot of spiritual stock left - enuf for another get together anytime. If all agree, we can do it once more this summer, this time on a Saturday late morning/day time - may be by end or mid Aug - a beach outing or a bbq:) Lemme know yr thoughts.  

The photos have been much sought after as well. Can each of you also email me when replying either the photos or the links after uploading them online.  I have uploaded my photos here:

You can access the album and upload your photos as well.  Please do so, or send us your links after uploading to any other photo sharing site

Warm regards,

Venkat Karimanasseri

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