Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Pune chapter picnic. Saturday.30.Oct.Pik Nik

6 XLrs met on Sunday 24th Oktobre 2004 at Kofi House Moledina Road at 16:00 For reasons of shubhashya-sheeghram It was decided to go for Pik Nik on Saturday 30 Oktobre and plan further shindigs.
ALL are welcome including wife(s) / girlfrend(s / children(s) / friends / friends of friends and etcetras.

Copious Kwantities of natural water(s) are available at PikNik site. Dilip has been drinking this natural water for 18 years and is still alive and healthy. Those who prefer synthetic / sanitary / sanitized / customized water may kindly bring their own water(s).

Also, those who want to eat / drink / smoke (& etc.) may kindly bring their own eating / drinking / smoking materials.

Transport===your own or pile on. Distance==52 km (one way) from Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

For the purpose, it was decided to meet at Dilip's house at 11:00 am on saturday 30.Oktobre, from where we shall proceed for PikNik. Dilip knows some dandy caves near Kamshet, which is located about 10 minutes klimb from where U park your car/bike.

Do not fear the klimb bcoz there are stairs right to the top. Topis & drak glasses are recommended.

Many Large Caves have been created by followers of Our ancestor==Lord Buddha thousands of years ago.

The caves are big enuff for fifty people to sleep in shade. So do not fear the Sun & heat.

We can eat+drink and make merry and plan further corpo shindigs.
all R welcome.

For locating Dilip's house, the address is
Dilip Bam
1-Sonali Apts. Ground floor
6th Lane, Prabhat Road
Pune 411 004
Location of house==There is a FOODWORLD on Bhandarkar Road.
Adjacent to Fooodworld there is a Lane perpendicular to Bhandarkar road going inside which joins Prabhat Road.
Enter this lane and go towards prabhat road, and take the FOURTH left turn (which is after the yellow YELLOW PMC Dustbin). After the fourth left turn, the second bldg on LHS is Sonali Apts. From the road You can see the name SONALI writtin in Devnagari skript.
As you enter staircase, Dilip's house is the first one on LHS on grd. flr.

Following are the partiQlars of the six people who met on 24/10 for kontaktos----------->

1>Krishnan--Now with Mahindra in Bombay but comes every weekend.
2>Ajay Namboodiri--Head Hunter
3>Raj Swaminathan --CEO Indus Software
4>Salil Raghavan--BPL Mobile
5>Dilip Bam
Unemployed=Doing MDPs on Communication / Leadership & Team Building (outbound) / Freelance teaching at MBA Insties.
6>Amit Garg -- Upside Learning

best wishes
Dilip Bam


  1. Hey! How can I contact Dilip Bam? I think he had reviewed the Honda Eterno and I wanted to ask him some additional question about it for my website


  2. Steve,

    I have Dilip's contact details but Im not going to broadcs them here on the blog.
    so the question is how do I contact u ? Your profile link does not get me anywhere.
    Can u write me a comment with yr mail id to this post. (it will automatically b delivered to my inbox) & in a few minutes u can delete your mail id from these comments, I can then mail u directly. how does that sound ?
    I have alredy dropped a mail to Dilip with yr comment, blog site & intent to get in touch with him




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