Thursday, October 28, 2004

Attn BFAXI : Vijay Deenanath Chauhan

From an avid BFAXI member of 99 batch. Thought I would put it on here for others to enjoy.

-----Original Message-----
From: Vikas Joshi

Baap Ka Naam: Deenanath Chauhan
Gaaon: Mauritius!

Jai Bacchan! Hail BFAXI.....
After a wild bash at our place on his Budday.... had the most amazing opportunity! Met the man himself: Up, Close and Autographed!
AB is here. Saw him in a 2 hour shoot at the Port Louis Water Front for the movie "Dil Jo Bhi Kahe".

Dressed in a pin-striped suit, total KBC style, he stepped out of Hotel Labourdonnais for his shot. The magical moment of my life..... Amazing, Amazing......the look, the AB style, the AB smile, God Himself! Crowd to watch the shoot: 10 Indians.

It was a dream come true.... he was just 5 feet away during the shoot!!!!! and for 2 hours Swati, Raghav (now inducted into BFAXI-juniors), and I were watching him in his act! After his shot, approached him for an autograph! got two of them for the record....
Got some amazing snaps of him during the shoot.
Will give you the BFAXI link on my website on request!, don't wanna spam kafir's mailboxes with photos.
Contact me on

AB is gonna be here for another 2 weeks..... !!! So we are gonna be really busy!

Everything that happens to us had a reason: We now know why we came to Mauritius!

Hail Bacchan!! Hail BFAXI!

23 October, 2004: From the BFAXI Correspondent in the Indian Ocean

Note for those before the BFAXi days ---
BFAXI : Bacchan Fan Association at XlrI
There was also a GFAXI - Govinda Fan Association.
in 99 there was great rejoicing by both fan clubs which organised 2 buses to take the entire campus to Payal theatre for a the preview of "Bade Miya, Chote Miya"

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