Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A little prayer, please

My 82 year old grandmother was supposed to have an angioplasty done yesterday. Something went wrong with the machine and the procedure could not be completed. They left the tubes inside her saying they would complete the procedure today. The part of the machine they replaced worked fine but something else gave trouble.

We dont know when we can get this done next, because she insisted that the tubes (sheath) be taken out of her. So shes now resting peacefully but we have to complete this procedure sometime soon and she may not agree to it after all the pain she has been through.

If you are reading this page, then all we ask for is to say a little prayer for her. It doesnt matter whom you pray to. Just please spare a minute to pray for Maria Magdalene Aranha so that her angioplasty can be performed properly and that the blocks in her heart clear up. She is otherwise quite healthy and has a zest for life. All she needs is as many prayers as she can get.

Thank you
from every member of our family.

ps: If any xler would like to request a prayer for any member of their family, please mail me with the details, I would be glad to put it up here on this blog

pps: the machines r still giving trouble. so we have brought her home for now. waiting for the doctor to give the go-ahead before taking her back.


  1. If, You would like to leave a prayer online, please do so here. U dont need to be a member to leave a prayer, u can sign in as anonymous. Thank you.

  2. http://www.psurfers.com/PS_Prayer.html

    You can post your request for a prayer here.



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