Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Zee India's best - help 4 an xlers cousin

Sarwar Ahuja is a cousin of Nitin Bajaj, XLRI 2001. Sarwar's currently in 3rd place. Need more alumni to help, if they are so inclined. Below is a petition from Nitin himself.

-----Original Message-----
From: Nitin Bajaj [mailto:arbit_rambler@indiatimes.com]

Dear all,

This is a request for your assistance..... my cousin has reached the
Semi-Final round of the Zee TV Film Star Quest.... and I would really
appreciate it if you could please vote for him on the web site .. This may help him to get to the number one position as now the competition is left to the people and audiences (and alumni networks!) :-) .. no more judges .. I request each and every one to please pass your vote... each and every vote is valuable for his success.... just click on the link below select the check box next to his name and press submit.... His name is Sarwar Ahuja and place is Hyderabad....

Thanks a lot!!!!



Nitin Bajaj

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