Friday, March 16, 2007

March 24,2007 - XL Canada Meet at Sarvanna Bhavan (Woodside Square) - 9 days to go

This is just a friendly reminder to all that our meet is next Saturday Mar 24,
Thank all the confirmations so far and looking forward to meet the XlCanada Group.
Request those who have not confirmed to send an e-mail / leave voicemail at 416-623-7050 about their plans . Requesting a confirmation so that if you have transport issues we can co-ordinate with other Xlers.

Once again looking forward to seeing you there.

Siddharth & Bala

XL Canada Moderator wrote:
Hope the new year finds all of you in good spirits. We hope to try to start fresh this year from where we unfortunately broke off last year.
Given the suggestions and advice on postponing the meet, we decided to target March as the next possible meeting date, as it is not too close to our annual Summer Picinic and gave all of us time to enjoy the holiday season, the New year blues and to finally come back to our normal self!!!!

This time is is simple:
Venue : Sarvanna Bhavan, Woodside Square, Scarborough
Date : March 24,2007
Time : After 10:00 am
Status : Confirmed

We wanted it earlier in March but then given the March Break Holidays coudn't manage it earlier and hopefully the weather will also be more pleasant than what it is now!!!
Request you all to confirm your availability. In case there are issues about transport to and from Sarvanna Bhavan , please indicate and we will try to manage around that.
Awaiting your response,
Siddharth & Bala

For those who do not know the address, it is :
Saravanaa Bhavan
At Woodside Square
Finch and McCowan Intersection.
1571 Sandhurst Circle, Unit 153
Scarborough, ON. M1V 1V2

T: 416 293 7755 F: 416 293 7715

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
Sid Thakur

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