Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March 30 XL meet

Dear all,

I am happy to share that we have 31 people confirmed for the XL Europe meet in London on this date. Its going to be an interesting mix of people ('81 batch to '03) with an even more interesting portfolio (industries, businesses and locations...)

So far the confirmed numbers seem to be just about fitting into my home (it may be a bit of a squeeze but given our background of graduating from a small campus with big minds and bigger hearts we should do okay so no worries!)

Now important items - food, drinks and funding

  • Food - I am speaking with a few caterers for catering arrangements (delivery at home) with a focus on finger buffet rather than dinner. Do you have any caterer suggestions or recommendations? That would help me so if you do know of any, let me have contact details as soon as possible.
  • Drinks - I shall get us some wine (white, red) and liquor (rum, whisky, vodka) with base liquids/ mixes. I shall buy them from Majestic which should sell on a 'return' basis. If you have any specific preferences can I suggest you bring your own please?
  • Funding - I shall pay at the moment and will let you know in advance how much is the per head cost. You can get me the cash or drop in a cheque when we meet on Mar 30.
Further, if anyone has any suggestions/ clarifications, please let me know. All inputs/ ideas most welcome.

cheers! reena

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