Monday, March 12, 2007

XL's 1-Year full-timeMBA (aka GMP) Placements

quoting from some mails that I found in my mailbox when I returned this evening:

Day 1:
"An update on Day 1 of GMP placement at Mumbai (that has just concluded). The cumulative offers are now 21. The average offer should be close to Rs.11 lakhs. The highest offer of Rs.18 lakhs was rejected because the student already had an offer with much lesser salary but a role better suited to his liking!...

Day 2:
"Just concluded Day 2 of GMP process at Mumbai. At end of Day 2 we have 34 offers to 31 students leaving 18 students without an offer (actually 52 offers using PGP Placement definition, but in GMP process we acknowledge an offer only after the student is satisfied with the offer made; rejected offers are not termed 'offers'! Sorry for the terminological confusion!)

...There has been one Dollar Offer of USD 100,000 (is this a record for XLRI? I don't know. Old-timers should be able to say). The highest Rupee offer is Rs. 18 lakhs (is this a record for XLRI? Again, I don't know!). The 34 offers do not include another 5-6 offers for which full details are not available. When these details come in, most probably the Rs.18 lakhs offer will be topped (there have been two offers of Deputy General Managers for which the offer details are awaited).

I think there will be more to report as we go on;0)


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