Monday, October 01, 2007

Golf sessions for XLRI students

As recent studies have shown, in today’s business environment networking is a tool that no manager can do without. Golf is one of the primary ways by which managers network as it provides numerous opportunities while eliminating rank and formalities. Innumerable business decisions are taken and contacts built over a friendly round of golf.

XLRI as a part of its endeavor to make its students tomorrows’ global managers has started a golf awareness and initiation session. The Sports Committee at XLRI launched Golf 101, a series of 20 sessions to help familiarize and teach the students the basics of golf.

To introduce the students to the game, a primer session was held last Wednesday, September 26th. Mr George Olapally, an XL alumnus from the 1975 batch who had specially flown in from Bangalore, and Mr. Bushen Raina, CEO, Tata Tinplate and Captain, Beldih Club golf team, spoke to the students about their love for golf. The interest and the passion that these two gentlemen shared rubbed off on to the students and what followed was a very interactive and informative guide to the world of golf.

They briefly outlined the golfing rules, terms and etiquette. This was followed by a demonstration of the golfing equipment used. They told the budding golfers on how to get started by giving them tips on the kind of equipment to purchase and the golf clubs to approach for membership. They clarified that one can never be too old or too young to play golf and encouraged all present to learn the sport.

They spoke about how invaluable golf had been to them both in their business as well as personal life. They said in addition to providing networking opportunities it is a great stress buster and basically a way to just have fun with one’s friends and family.

By the end of the session the students were all set to tee off.

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