Friday, October 05, 2007

moving on from bodhiTree and other Stories.

Hi All

What's happened to bodhiTree, you ask? Well, Bangalore, Connecticut, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai is what has happened to it. The new song 'Mohan Nahale' which premiered at Mumbai Alumni Meet is shelved due to production quality issues. We tried very hard to compose from
multiple locations but it just did not work. Someday, hopefully.

In the meanwhile I've joined the Indian Folk/Fusion Band Swarathma as bassist. The music is an earthy mix of Carnatic Classical, Indian folk and Rock. Check out the music at Please join the Orkut Community

If you're in Bangalore, tune into BIG 92.7 FM at 8.15AM tomorrow (6 Oct, Saturday) for a one-hour special featuring an interview and a live performance.

You could also tune into Radio One 94.3 FM every afternoon...

Rocking faithfully on,

Bummer - 06

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