Saturday, October 13, 2007

Joker In The Pack

Looks like our own Mediocre But Arrogant has a companion piece for the IIM way of life - Joker In The Pack written by two recent grads of IIML & IIMB. It is about life in IIMB.

96 BMD- Akshay Hiremath is mentioned on the site as having sent encouraging reviews and helpful information in taking the book to completion. :)

Thanks Tipu for bringing this book & Akshay's role in it, to our attention. :)

From the synopsis:
At IIMB, though, Shekhar faces a huge culture shock. While he had felt he had done enough by just making it to IIMB, he realizes that the fight had just begun. Within a week of attending hectic sessions in the day and dancing to the whims of mean seniors intent on ragging, Shekhar begins to question his ability to cope and whether the money that came after a life like this would ever be enough to make him happy.

He gets exposed to the various colorful personalities that make up life at IIMB - the dreaded Placecom headed by Crazy Panther, loud Northie Lafanders obsessed with booze and pornography, mild mannered Dosa Dudes, finance oriented Marwaris and wise Daddus. He also comes across Geniuses, Page 3s, and also Fighters like himself - people akin to wild card entrants in a grand slam who either didn't create any ripples or, ala Goran Ivanisevic, played the last tournament of their lives with all their heart and went on to become grand slam champions forever.

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