Saturday, January 26, 2008

Abhishek Charms XLers with some Philosophy

In our critical meeting on December 16, we had jointly decided that XLers will start working with XLRI campus in Singapore to deliver special sessions on Saturdays (Usually 3rd Saturday every month) to the budding students at XLRI Campus in Singapore.

On January 19, it turned into reality with Abhishek from Standard Chartered took the leadership in delivering the first session to kick off the commitment. Well attended by both current batch and the Alumni, this session was enlightening with various examples from real life.

The session "The Strengths Philosophy: Have Fun While You Succeed." - The session went into the idea behind understanding one's own unique strengths and went on to explain on how we can maximize it to achieve highest impact in whatever we do. The maxim is to win any "game" playing through your own "rules". Maybe that is what Abhishek did :)

Well done Abhishek. I am happy to see the excitement and participation.

Ram, Vinod and I met up for lunch today and we thought, this will be a good forum to share our appreciation to Abhishek. Hopefully, we will have more volunteers who share their insights.

PS: As I write this, I have another confirmation from another XLer (Certified Trainer on Six Thinking Hats), who is happy to do a small workshop/session on De Bono's "Six Thinking Hats". If all goes well we will have this the next Saturday itself, by popular demand. Keep your calendars free for February 2, 2008 (~1:00pm-3:30pm). I will communicate more details formally later. Block your Calendars and Stay Tuned!

Rajesh Soundararajan

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