Friday, January 18, 2008

Vikram Chachra (94 batch) writes about babuaji/bawwaji

.......Around 11:30 am, one of my high school buddies picks me up in his car and we go to hang out at a local tea stall called Bawwaji. The tea stall takes its name after the owner who is a large amiable fellow. He makes the best tea in the city with his own special blend of masalas. Bawwaji is located under a huge peepal tree with wide branches that provide a leafy canopy to the regulars who are permanent fixtures at this charming tea stall. I have some friends here who are so regular here that they have suggested Bawwaji should cut them in as partners. The assembly is usually parked on large chunks of stones lying under the peepal tree. The Bawwaji tea stall is a social institution in Jamshedpur and it's significance is often underestimated by those who are not in the know. This is where the budding intellectuals of Jamshedpur gather to banter about everything under the sun. I am constantly amazed at the range of opinions to be found here, and especially the conviction with which they are delivered by self proclaimed 'experts', many of whom have acquired their worldly knowledge purely by imaginative speculation. If you want to learn how to BS convincingly about anything under the sun without a clue about it, you need to come here and spend a week. .......

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