Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hopefully again another CRICKET MATCH

Dear Folks,

We guys sure missed a golden opportunity to patent/copyright or whatever else possible to protect our concept rights over the 20-20 cricket format...long before it became a world wide craze we guys had already made it customary to only play 20-20 matches....but then as they say we could have had a piece of history !!!!

Now getting onto the actual subject of this email...we are cos of PUBLIC DEMAND trying to schedule our annual round of cricket matches for Feb 10th and FEb 17th both Sundays. I have got in touch with JK of IIM-c to check for ground availabilty and player availability esp fro IIM-A and IIM- others. So guys and gals do try and stay in town and check up yr emails for more news. Also prospective players and those interested do email me/Tommy/Shanta yr names,email id and contact numbers so that we update our cricketers' database.


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