Sunday, January 04, 2009

83 batch reunion on campus

Message from an alumnus of the 83 batch:

I just got back this week from the 25th Year Reunion of my Batch of 1983 at XLRI. About 33 of us met at Jamshedpur, some of us after a full 25 years. Was great fun to re-connect and also see how much XL had grown in this period. The physical infrastructure alone is more than three times of what it used to be in our time. Another noteworthy development is the much more favourable boys to girls ratio!

Among other things we had a very good discussion with the Director and management of XLRI about starting a XLRI Endowment Fund (XEF) which can help the Alumni and others contribute to the growth and development of XL and its community. We presented a plan which was received enthusiastically and we hope it will take firm shape in the next few weeks. Will share more details once it is in existence.

Narinder Singh

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