Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getogether in Bangalore

Here are some enthu reactions to last nights meet in Bangalore.

One always has to look to the East for good things in life and apparently they come in small packages.The advantage of this venue was that we hardly bumped into any outsider.
Three Cheers to the Honourable Sebastian Chandy for organising this meet where old stories were indeep swapped. Look forward to more such efforts from you, Saji!!! It would of course be easier for him if people who confirmed didn't drop out without notice. Many must have had a genuine reason. But that is what cell phones and SMS are for.
The numbers are a major headache for any organiser.
Warm regards

Hi All,
Gayatri, I couldn't agree with you more!
The effort from Sebastian was very good, and another 10 more people turning up would have made it a lot more worthwhile. Good interaction, some interesting thoughts thrown up for future meetings, a good venue, no parking issues, and a very short commute for us folks.
George Olapally

Good job Saji.
Good venue, good arrangements, and good food. I may be rationalising but the total turnout is not important for these dos. The important thing is for each person to be able to connect/reconnect with a few people in a meaningful way.
Thanks much for the initiative. Thanks to David for organising the venue.
We would encourage others from different areas in Bangalore, like Indra Nagar, Koramangala, Jayanagar to organise similar local event in their areas. You can contact me or anyone else on the committee for any kind of assistance that you may require, including arranging a venue.

Smaller local meets to beat the traffic, so we can meet more often and interact in smaller batches throughout the year seems to be a good idea. Hope more people take the initiative to organise these little do's around town across the metro's where distance seems to be a major deterrent to meeting more often.

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