Monday, January 19, 2009

Jeevan Joshi (93 IR) new company - Gravitus provides Learning & Knowledge Solutions

I thought I would write a quick email to let you about Gravitus ( and to seek your support. We commenced operations about 6 months ago and provide technology enabled Learning and Knowledge tools. Most of these solutions are provided as a service i.e it is available as a hosted and supported web service for a yearly fee.

Gravitus focuses on
* e-Learning or Online Learning - Develop Online course for induction, compliance etc and deploy them on a Learning Management System which tracks and reports training.
* Business Process Improvement - Online business process mapping with the a focus on simplicity.
* Collaboration and Knowledge Tools such as wikis, podcasts etc

More specifically the solutions include
* Hosted and supported Learning Management System which can cater for Employee, Suppliers, Contractors, Customers etc.
* Online courses - Custom built course or off the shelf courses for Induction, Compliance etc
* Web Meeting and Classroom platform - Gravitus is the gold partner for DimDim the leading wen meeting solution.
* Tools to develop online course - i.e allow end users to develop interactive components such as quizzes, flow charts etc.
* Business Process Mapping and Improvement - This is an online tool used by companies such as HBOS, Telstra etc which allows easy access to business processes and encourages process ownership and improvement
* Provision of Wikis, Podcasts etc
* Software development with a focus on Learning and Training.

I look forward to hearing from you if you or anyone you know has requirements. The team has quite a lot of experience in deploying these solutions for companies such as Coles, St George, AMP, Centrelink etc.

I will be happy to catch up for a cup of coffee to provide more details.

Let me know

Jeevan Joshi | Principal Consultant | Gravitus

Enabling Learning and Knowledge

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