Monday, January 19, 2009

Bangalore East Happy Hours! - 28 Jan

In an effort to make it easier to meet up, even if it means smaller groups, Alumni groups are getting together in smaller areas. These meets aren't restrictive, alumni from all over are welcome, but this makes it easier for groups in a restricted area to meet up more easily.

Bangalore is the first in this effort and I think this is a move that has a lot of potential in cities like Delhi and Bombay too.

Hi all,

Happy New Year to all!

It’s that time of the year to meet up and share them stories of yester years. The Bangalore East Happy Hours!!!

Calling all Xlers from Bangalore East (Frazer Town, Richards Town, Cooke Town, Benson Town, etc) for an evening a good music, drinks and catching up.

Venue : The ITC Club Hall on Coles Road

Date : Wed, 28th Jan, 1900 to 2230 hrs

Food/Snacks/Beverages will be available at the club and will be charged at Rs 150/- per head.

Booze will be available for nominal rates.

Smaller the Better? Well, small it is and closer to home! It should definitely help us get to know each other a lot better.

Do let us know if you need cabs for the night, considering that all of us are bound to be in high ‘spirits’. It would really help us in the logistics, if you could confirm your attendance for the evening by mail.

So hope to see you all soon.


Sebastian Chandy

Edited to add Kuru's response:


There were some questions raised about hosting a local program within the city. Given the limited turnout we have for the monthly meetings, having local meeting may make sense to many people, especially given the time, traffic, and logistical issues that we face on a daily basis.

XLBang has always had a tradition of trying new things and this is no exception. My experience in organising alumni events has taught me that each program we organise appeals to a specific audience and only the Annual Dinner appeals to the majority of alumni. We hope this local event appeals to the people who live/work in this locality.

We invite all of the alumni to come forward with more ideas and the initiative to organise non-commercial events that are relevant to the XLBang alumni.


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