Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on XLer NGO's

here we have an XL students ("NGO") team (actually a business venture - a partnership firm) the 8 selected out of 2300 entries in one of the Asia's biggest entrepreneurship competition - Eureka at IIT Mumbai
Clean tech contestants vie for $50,000 at Eureka! 08
(and if they win these, this will meet part of their funding requirements - Eureka is $50,000)

and is among the 16 selected in an international competition ("NGO" Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition - Foster School of Business, Univ of Washington, Seattle)
(dont know the prize money)

I am also happy to share that the institute's is providing for their travel expenses to US to participate in the GSEC
and that XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust provided them the first incubation funding (we did to two others student ventures too - Swavalamban and and will continue to do so, if we get the funding from Xlers or other sources...
two of these ventures funded by the Trust also sweeped the Kalpavriksha event:
an institute's "brand" (and worth) is built by the investments in building a robust product.
help out if you can by connecting to:
ps: for those who came in late:

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