Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ambira: Happy!

Email update from XL Alumnus Trevor in Dubai:

Dropped in at Rashid hospital yesterday to visit Ambira.

Ambira has recovered quite well after her surgery and is very responsive. However at times she feels a bit low. Her Mum is very courageous and has a very positive temperament.

We all chatted for over a hour laughing away and I conveyed Madhukars message that all was well and he would take care of the academic front using his astute resourcefulness. (A+s all the way) Her Mum was delighted and we chuckled as Ambira gave a broad grin. She is indeed a tough cookie inspite of the trauma and tries her best to deal with the situation.The Hospital care is excellent as well as the attending surgeons.

Madhukar the family was touched to receive the huge and lovely Birthday Card excellently worded signed by all XL faculty and fraternity- a fine gesture on XLs part.

Prof Damodaran too dropped by yesterday and wished her a speedy recovery.

Her birthday is today and we sure will have a day long bash true to XL tradition, with all the patients in the Trauma ward joining in as well as with the docs and nurses.!!!! We'll take care of the Cops and the Director - the tricks of the trade eloquently/brilliantly taught at the alma mater by a motley bunch of world renowned Profs..............


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