Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pan-India Alumni Meets - Schedule

Hello folks!
this is just an advance warning about the Annual XL Alumni Meets being planned this month - so please book your dates.
Due to either my lack of knowledge - or because the venue is still being finalised - I have not been able to mention the venue in this mail (though this is only "Version1.1" - next spam/update will contain more info )
Meanwhile the contact details of the summer interns who are part of the team organising the meets are mentioned.
But do book your date!!
ps: and any of you who can help them out with sponsorships, etc., will get thousands of blessings from fellow xlers ;0)... though seriously, folks! they would be happy with any kind of help from you.

Hyderabad: May 10th
Harbir Singh Rissam

Neeharika Bhupati
Siddhartha Parida

New Delhi/NCR: May 17th
Devika Rajeev
Manish Bhagat
Ankit Goyal

Chennai: May 24th
Mulpuri Raja Rajeswari
Abhiseg Elijah
Krishanu Bhattacharya

Mumbai: May 24th
Akshay Sinha
Ritesh Agrawal

Bangalore: May 30th or 31st
Sharath N
Sugandha Agnani

Kolkata: May 31st
Sudipto Dey
Bharath S
Rohit Parmanandka

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