Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mail from Prof. Premarajan - 75 respondents needed

forwarded mail---------------

As most of the PMIR alumni of years 1996 to 2006 may be aware, I had set out on a Survey of MCD students to study the stability of Career Anchor. I was very happy to recieve personal mails from you and touched by the offer many of you made to volunteer for additional work to help out on this endeavour. However, I am a little puzzled to note that of the 500 plus students who have taken the course during this period, I have got response from only about 125.

You would appreciate that to make this a meaningful exercise, I would need at least another 75 response. Others are kindly requested to take a few minutes (certainly not more than 10 mts) and help with the survey.

I would greatly appreciate if you can visit the link

and fill up the survey questionnaire and make this a successful venture.

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