Monday, May 05, 2008

Update on Ambira (PMIR 2009)

Couple of XL alumni based in Dubai went to visit Ambira earlier today.

Leya writes :
"Maitreya and I visited Ambira in Rashid Hospital today afternoon.

The update is :
* She can move her limbs (Thank God) although she is still taking morphine for the pain.
* The first operation is over - steel screws have been implanted in her backbone to hold it straight. There will need to be a second operation within a week or two for inserting a plate in front of her backbone. The date for this will be decided once the doctor has reviewed her progress and in consultation with the family. They will be doing the second operation
also in Dubai.
* After the second operation, depending on her progress, she can be moved to India. There will need to be intensive physiotherapy for a few months to ensure full recovery.

Ambira is worrying about her course and how she could complete / make up for lost courses. Shee is also getting bored lying flat on her back and would love listening to music, so if any of
you are going to visit her, perhaps you could lend her some of your music/copy some songs for her. She listens to anything “fast”. Reading is not possible right now as she cannot lift her head so books will not be of any use at this point of time. She can drink liquids through a straw and can eat solid food though she doesn’t have much of an appetite. Whatever appetite she has is chased away by hospital food so if anyone is visiting, some home cooked chappatis/ parathas /
idlis/ typical Punjabi food would probably be very welcome.
- Leya "

Prof Madhukar has sent her assurances not to worry about her course work as that will be taken care of.

Prof Uday Damodaran will be visiting Dubai during May 7-11, and will be meeting Ambira (He is also the Chair - Placement, and Debu Mishra, head of Hewitt UAE is his old student from IIMB)

Ambira needs all the prayers she can get for a full and complete recovery, please take a few moments to say one for her and her family (to help them get through this trying time)


  1. Hi

    I am Ambira's cousin in America.Does she have an ipod? What kind of music
    does she like? Please let me know. I
    was planning on buying her an ipod and fill it with music.

  2. I believe an XLer (one of the senior alumnus) has gifted her a discman.

    She told someone that she likes fast music. No specifics on bands or artists. Sorry.



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