Sunday, May 04, 2008

Prayers Please : Ambira (IR 2009)

Ambira is a current student of XLRI who was doing her Summer Training with Hewitt. As a part of her internship she was seconded to Hewitt -Dubai for a week to work on a project with Dubai Ports & Customs.

As she was walking out of the office on Wednesday 1st May evening, the roof of the lobby collapsed, pinning her down under the concrete debris. She was rushed to Sheikh Rashid hospital where they discovered Multiple fractures and crushed vertebrae. Apparently Hewitt's Initial reaction was to charter a Medivac plane and send her to Delhi. Given the condition of her spine, that would have been fatal. So, the Sheikh Rashid hospital operated upon her.

An Xler from 92 batch saw her yesterday at the hospital. Bruised, with six steel bolts holding her spine, she is in agonising pain. Luckily she still has sensation in her limbs though the probability of some partial paralysis cannot yet be ruled out. Her mom, a single parent flew in from Delhi, after surprising the system by acquiring an Indian Passport issued inside 4 hours.

The doctors have recommended another surgical procedure in a few days for inserting another metal plate to support the spine. Post operative recovery would take 4-6 weeks and Ambira would not be in a position to travel during that period. Even after that it would take at the very least 6 months of physiotherapy before some kind of normalcy returns to her life.

Please pray for Ambira that she may heal completely and soon. She and her family need your prayers. If any other assistance is required, I will post an update on this blog.

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