Thursday, May 22, 2008

XL Alumni Meet in Delhi - 17th May

Hello all,
finally returned last night, was able to download and upload the pics of the 17th evening (and early morning;0)

So thanks to all - to all those who could make it, inspite of the special effects provided by the delhi weather...
....and to the enthu team of the interning students' of 09 batch, who planned, slogged and rolled-out the evening for all... Kudos to them!!

I have created a slide-show of the photos which I managed to take (about 50 of them), which can be seen here:

Or else you can have look at the individual pics, which are uploaded here:
(as you will appreciate, it is very difficult to click photographs, when one has to hold a glass full of liquid in one hand ;-)...

I also missed out some of the pics like the dance-floor in action, director's 3-minute speech inviting all alumni to the 5th Annual Alumni Homecoming '08 (November 15-16, 2008), with which we plan to kick-off the 60th Year of XLRI, etc...

in any case, these pics, will give a one a feel of the evening (and help create the sense of regret for those who missed the meet ;0))

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