Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hyd XL Alumni meet - report and pics

It was a great meet with more than 60-70 XLers across batches and programs turning up and total number of people easily edging past 100.

Awesome arrangement by the summer trainees and the venue at Taj Banjara was perfect for those interested in keeping their spirits up, shaking a leg, catching up with friends or in making new ones :-)

Tonnes of thanks to the summer interns Harbir and co. for putting together a stupendous show. And of course to our lead sponsor Indu Projects, and co-sponsors Seagrams, Pepsi, SABMiller, Dell, Deloitte, Microsoft.

Have clicked some snaps which can be seen on Flickr at

5 snaps are also on facebook

People on XLers Unlimited community can check the pictures here

Prof. Madhukar Shukla who came down for the meet has also clicked some pics and am sure he'll be uploading them as soon as he gets to campus tonight :-)


Madhukar posted more pictures at

Entirely agree with GG and Hari!
it was a great evening - very enjoyable, and very efficiently rolled out!!
Harbir, Neeharika, Siddhartha, Ajay, Satya (and all others, behind the scene, I may not be aware of)
As Hari mentioned/ implied... you guys have created benchmarks for which your juniors may - actually, will - curse you ;0)...
thanks on behalf of all of us... (and behalf of all those of us who refused to leave till 1:30am - so much to catch up, grax, reminiscence and conspire... and we kept you people - the gracious hosts - up at the venue ;0) - thanks and apologies ;)
Thanks to all who came and made the event a great success..., and to all who helped the team to organise the meet...
...and, of course, to the sponsors (I am not mentioning them by name again since GG's post has already done that, and it will look pretty artificial and redundant to repeat the same)... but must mention our own Xlers who helped us to get these sponsorships... and so guys, let's also thank
- Kumara Guru (05 GMP - ISB), who put us in touch with Indu Projects, and actully worked to get them to be the principal sponsors
- Ranjeev Lahkar (00PMIR), and Srinivasivas Prasad "Sugga" (97PMIR) , who I believe/ suspect - not sure ;0) - had some major role to play in the sponsorship from Microsoft ;0)
- SV Nathan (83PMIR) from Deloitte, who as usual supported (though we missed his company, as he was travelling)
- Anil Chilla (00BM) whose first sponsorship from Dell, did wonders to the tempo/morale of the team, who were organising the event
...and of course for the "liquid/spiritual" stuff, (and to get us the pan-India sponsorship for the alumni meets) thanks to:
- Bikram Basu (94PMIR) - yes, please "PMIR" ;) - Marketing Controller, Seagram
- Shantanu Das (96PMIR) Head Organisational Effectiveness, SAB-Miller
- Pavan Bhatia (90PMIR) and Vikas Joshi (99PMIR) for Pepsi/Frito-Lay...
being trigger-happy with my camera, I have taken about 80+ pics... and have uploaded them (Entirely Unedited;0) at:
(as slide show)
and at:

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