Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting Balanced, Getting High

My Career Anchors according to Edgar Schiens Model are:

Getting Balanced and Getting High

Getting Balanced – These people believe in integrating the
professional life with the total lifestyle. They enjoy working for organizations that recognize personal and family concerns.
Getting High - High career anchor indicates a passion for solving the unsolvable – a constant drive to take on challenge.

They are the same as they were when I first took this test on Campus in Premu's MCD course. (I still have a copy of my Self Assessment Report from this course)

I retook the test and got these results, because Prof. R K Premarajan is currently trying to re-survey all his ex-students and verify whether the career anchors have remained constant or not after venturing out into the workplace.

If you were a student of his between 1998 and 2006, please read the message below and help him with his survey.

From: Prof. RK Premarajan

Subject: Study on Career Anchor Dynamics from XLRI by Premarajan

Dear all,

Greetings from XLRI!

You would recall that you had taken several inventories as part of the course Managerial Competencies & Career Development (MCD) during ther final year of your PMIR programme at XLRI. Now that you have worked for a few years ranging from 2 to 10 years, I am very keen to undertake a research study to understand the stability of career anchor. This would require me to gather data on what your career anchor is today and compare it with what it was when you were a student. Of course, there would be a few additional questions that I would need your input.

I would greatly appreciate if you can visit the link
and fill up the survey questionnaire and make this a successful venture. Your response within the next 10 days would be of great help.

Please do not hesitate to send in your comments/feedback, if any to prem[@]xlri[.]ac[.]in or rkprajan[@]yahoo[.]com

With regards,

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